So there is a girl, who was always thinking. She thought about life and how she can make hers better, while standing on the belief that “if she can help somebody as she traveled along, then her living would not be in vain.” At one point in her life her confidence in her intellect was not so strong, though starting kindergarten at the age of 3, 6th grade at the age of 9, 9th grade at the age of 12 and college at the age of 16. She became a wife, a mother and a teacher and still felt a bit incomplete. She then became a student  Xavier University of Louisiana for her Master’s in Educational Leadership. This was her life changing moment, here she learned how smart she really was after a very admirable instructor told her to “unpack her suitcase”. She was afraid of what people would think if they knew how smart she really was, but that moment changed her life, hence she is truly curious. If she does not know the answer she researches until she finds it, though she is not afraid to admit she does not have an answer. The girl is me, Mica George. I hope you enjoy my journey through my blog She’s Curious George. I will explore all of my thoughts from love, education, and spirituality to photography, DIY and traveling. Let’s be curious together.

Mica George


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